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Who Are The Cruise Experts I Recommend?

I know that you’re looking for some good cruise information and advice.

And I’d like to think that our How To Cruise website gives you all the information you need for your first cruise and beyond.

But if you’re looking for other cruise experts who specialise in different aspects of cruising, here are six of those experts whose content I particularly enjoy and benefit from – and thoroughly recommend.

The sort of people who not only love cruising, but also know huge amounts about cruising from their time and many experiences at sea. The sort of people whom you’d love to meet, and spend days just asking them questions.

Emma Le Teace

Emma Cruises

Sometimes the first to try out a new cruise ship, Emma creates lots of videos, blogs and social media posts from various cruises in different parts of the world. Her ship guides, opinions and live Q&As are always up-to-date and interesting. Sailing since the age of 11 has given Emma a wide experience, and her friendly style appeals to people of all ages.
Emma's Videos
Stuart St Paul

Stuart St Paul

As a retired movie director, Stuart creates helpful video port guides and information on the Doris Visits website. He also runs ship-specific Facebook groups, renown for having moan-free helpful conversation among cruisers. Stuart's a published author of 6 cruise crime thrillers, and he lectures on cruise ships about writing those and his life in the movie industry as film director and stuntman.
Stuart's Website
Danielle Fear - Cruise Miss

Danielle Fear

Cruise Miss
Deservedly the winner of several cruise blog awards, Danielle found her passion for cruising back in 2007 when she embarked on her first cruise – which was the complete opposite to everything she’d imagined a cruise to be; it was fun and full of energy. Every spare minute she can be, Danielle's on a cruise, sharing her journeys with her followers on the socials.
Cruise Miss Blog
Gary Bembridge

Gary Bembridge

Gary's cruises have taken him all over the world. And under his famous Tips For Travellers brand, he blogs, podcasts and posts regular cruise videos covering everything from cruise tips to best-of guides to cruiseline overviews - and even unusual cruise tales. Gary's the author of several cruise books, and I was privileged to review his masterpiece, The Cruise Traveller's Handbook.
Gary's Videos
Jean Heard

Jean Heard

Doris Visits
You'll have seen Jean in the hundreds of brilliant Doris Visits cruise port guides. Jean uses her skill as a professional actress to take us visually around the ports and destinations of the world and share invaluable tips, so we're well prepared for a cruise. She also performs various shows on cruise ships.
Doris Visits Videos

Peter Hall

Cruising Pete
What I like about Cruising Pete's videos is how his personality shines through. He loves to show us the food in the buffet, or the service in the restaurant, or describe the check-in process for a cruiseline. But he makes that unbelievably interesting with his commentary and chatter with fellow cruisers and staff. You've gotta watch one of Pete's videos and you'll be hooked!
Pete's Videos
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