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What's How to Cruise?

In 2012, a British couple went on their very first cruise.
From knowing nothing about cruising, they grew to love it – and went on more cruises.
So they made this website – a source of information for anyone thinking about going on a cruise.
It’s everything they learned from that first cruise, plus lots more useful cruise information.

We’re David and Christine. Welcome to How To Cruise.

David & Christine - How to Cruise
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Before you go on your first cruise, you’ll have many questions – and probably want concise answers.

So we thought back to those early days and answered our own six key questions about cruising in plain language. Practical tips from our cruising experience that will help you to plan your cruise.

Where should we go on our first cruise? And when?
Which cruise company would suit us best?
Inside cabin? Or splash out on a balcony?
I get seasick – where’s the best place to be on a ship?
How do we find the cruise bargains?
What’s this thing about tipping?

We’ll also send you a weekly email we’ve called Cruise Chat. It’s cruise information, tips, and personal stories. But always cruise-related. You can unsubscribe at any time with one click on any email. But don’t worry – we’ll never spam you.

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