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If You're Just...
"Thinking About a Cruise"

Thinking about going on your first cruise?

Hopefully, within the pages of How To Cruise, we'll be able to answer your questions, fill in the gaps, and from our own experiences on our first cruise persuade you how amazing the experience is.

So what's How To Cruise about?

How to Cruise is a source of information created specifically for you if you're considering going on your very first cruise... if you've never been on a cruise before...

Get Started HereIt was created by a couple from England, Christine and David (you can find out a little about them here) - after their very first cruise in 2012. 


In January 2012 we knew virtually nothing about cruising.

A few months later we went on our first cruise.

That's when we decided to create this website... to share those important things you need to know about your first cruise.

Things like...

How to find the best cruise company.
How to decide where to go on a cruise.
How to decide the best time to go on a cruise.
How to understand tipping.
How to get the best cabin.


David & Christine on their first cruiseSo that all the information you'd need to know about cruising for beginners would be together in one place.

Welcome to How To Cruise.

David & Christine


Brand New to Cruising?

If you haven't yet been on a cruise, allow us to share our story with you, and help you to make sense of all the options to choose and decisions to make. 


But if you're a seasoned cruiser...

Hey, you're very welcome here too!  We think you'd probably prefer to explore our Inspiration and How-To section for some good cruise ideas.

How to Cruise


Long lasting friendships, fun, adventure, relaxation, and the best memories are found and made on a cruise!



So let's get started here...
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