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If You're Just...
"Thinking About a Cruise"

How to Cruise is a website for people thinking about going on their first cruise... for those who have never been on a cruise before...First cruise information

It was created by a couple from England, Christine and David (you can find out a little about them here) - after their very first cruise in 2012. 

How to Cruise

Brand New to Cruising?

If you haven't yet been on a cruise, allow us to share our story with you, and help you to make sense of all the options to choose and decisions to make. 

But if you're a seasoned cruiser...

Hey, you're very welcome here too!  We think you'd probably prefer to explore our Inspiration and How-To section for some good cruise ideas.

Long lasting friendships, fun, adventure, and the best memories are found and made on a cruise...

The Best Memories Are On A Cruise

First cruise information

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 Is a Cruise Right For Me?


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