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How to Cruise


How to Cruise is a website for people planning their first cruise; for those who have never been on a cruise before.

It's been created by a couple from England, Christine and David (you can find out a little about us here).


In 2012, we went on our first cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary - and wondered why we'd waited so long!  It turned out to be the best holiday we've been on.Thomson Cruise

But whilst looking for information to help us plan our very first cruise, we were surprised by the lack of any websites dedicated to first time cruisers.

You'll probably agree that part of the excitement of a holiday is planning it.  But the hardest part of planning our cruise was finding the right information. 

Where do we go?  Which company is best to sail with?  How do we dress on a cruise?

That's why we created this web site. All the information we wished had been available in one place is now here - from finding the most suitable cruise to getting the best from from your dream cruise.  Thngs like...

how to choose a cruise line
the ideal cruise ship
the perfect cabin

the best time to go on a cruise - and where

what to wear

and lots more

In these pages of the How to Cruise website, you'll find personal observations about what was outstanding about our cruise, and what we would do differently next time.

Cruise Mini Guide

You'll also be able to learn from our discoveries so you can take the short cut to booking and enjoying your own cruise.

As you browse the pages, here's hoping you catch hold of the enthusiasm we found in going on our first cruise ...and start to plan your very own.


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